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The most popular scenic spots in Sichuan will implement the limit to the number of visitors during the upcoming week-long National Day holiday (Oct. 1-7).
The most popular scenic spots in Sichuan, including Jiuzhaigou Valley, Four-sister Mountains and Daocheng Yading, etc., will implement the limit to the number of visitors during the upcoming week-long National Day holiday (Oct. 1-7), due to the expectation that the tourist flows to all the attractions will exceed the reception capacities.
Visitors are not advised to plan a trip to these hot scenic spots during the holiday, and people who have already planned trips to such spots are reminded to check for related information online in advance.
During October, Jiuzhaigou scenic spot will limit the number of sightseers up to 41,000 each day.
The capacity of each of the three valleys inside the Four-sister Mountains scenic spot is 4,000 each day.
four sister mountains
Daocheng Yading
Daocheng Yading scenic spot will limit 8,150 visitors each day during Oct. 1-7.
daocheng yading

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