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Read the info on free admission, from now to early 2021, to 21 tourist destinations in Chengdu, including Jinsha Site Museum, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Wuhou Shrine Museum.
Yanhauchi Park Museum (May 18-19, 2020)
A park featuring ancient architecture, culture and an agreeable ambience, with a history that is traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
Hours: 09:00-17:00
Address: Dadong Street, Chongzhou City
Jinsha Site Museum (May 18, 2020)
Located in northwestern urban Chengdu, the Jinsha Site is hailed as one of the major archaeological discoveries in China in recent years and is a must-visit place for history lovers.
Hours: 08:00-20:00
Address: Jinsha Yizhi Road, Qingyang District
Wuhou Shrine Museum (May 18, 2020)
Wuhou Shrine Museum is the most famous institution in China of the Three Kingdoms Culture.
Hours: 08:00-20:00
Address: Wuhouci Avenue, Wuhou District
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum (May 18, 2020)
The site in western Chengdu is a park and museum in honor of Du Fu, a great poet in the Chinese history.
Hours: 09:00-18:00
Address: Qinghua Road, Qingyang District
Yongling Museum (May 18, 2020)
Yongling Museum has China's only above-ground mausoleum, which is the tomb of Wang Jian (847-918), the founder the "Former Shu" State, a separatist regime with Chengdu as its capital.
Hours: 10:00-16:00
Address: Yonglin Road, Jinniu District
Wangjianglou Park (May 18, 2020)
Located on the Jinjiang River in the east of downtown Chengdu, the park is renowned for its cultural heritages represented by the ancient buildings and a large forest of rare bamboos.
Hours: 08:00-17:00
Address: Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District
Chen's Compound (May 18, 2020)
Chen's Compound, in Wenjiang District in western Chengdu, is a residence complex featuring the typical Sichuan-style architecture.
Hours: all day
Address: Shou'an Township, Wenjiang District
Guihu Lake Park (May 18, 2020)
With a mirror-like lake and numerous old-style constructions around it, the park is a good place to appreciate the lotus and osmanthus.
Hours: 08:30-17:00
Address: Guihuzhong Road, Xindu District
Liu's Manor Museum (May 18, 2020)
The museum houses about 20,000 Chinese relic items in the old-style residential compound.
Hours: 10:00-16:00
Address: Anren Town, Dayi County
Zhuxi Lake (May 19, 2020)
The scenic spot consists primarily of a water reservoir and a surrounding area with lush vegetation and cultural interests.
Hours: 08:00-17:30
Address: Cypress Reservoir, Qionglai City
Chengdu Botanical Garden (July 1, 2020)
Boasting over 2,000 floral species, Chengdu Botanical Garden is the best place in the city to appreciate numerous kinds of plants and breathe the fresh air.
Hours: 6:30-20:00
Address: Rongdu Avenue, Jinniu District
Xinfan East Lake (September 1, 2020)
Almost all the architectural forms and expressions of Chinese ancient garden-building can find their presentations at the site, where there are more than 20 towers, pavilions, platforms and chambers.
Hours: 09:00-18:00
Address: Zhengxi Street, Xinfan Township, Xindu District
Tiantai Mountain (September 27, 2020)
Tiantai Mountain is characterized by a variety of the Danxia landforms and a number of waterfalls.
Hours: 09:00-17:00
Address: Tiantai Town, Qionglai City
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Tourist Sites Offer Free Admission to Medical Workers

Tourist sites in Sichuan express thanks by offering free admission to medical workers fighting the epidemic spread.

Feb 21, 2020

2020 Usunhome Art Museum Online Art Exhibition

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Feb 20, 2020

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State-owned Museums in Sichuan Waive Admission for Medics

To express their deep respect and gratitude to the nation's medical workers, all state-owned museums in Sichuan are offering them free admission for a year once they reopen.

Mar 13, 2020

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