Start from Chengdu East bus station: 41 traveling routes to scenic spots!

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The one-stop bus service and 41 traveling routes help you enjoy local Chengdu conveniently!

If you are in Chengdu, you will definitely pay a visit to Mount Emei, Mount Qingcheng, Jinli Street and the Panda Base. It takes time to work out traveling guides. Queuing up for tickets and changing buses constantly also cool down your passion for fun.

In order to improve traveling experience and make it more convenient, Chengdu East bus station provides people with 13 DIY bus routes to Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Xinjin Flower Dance World, Dazu Stone Carvings, Huangguoshu Waterfalls etc., together with conventional travel services to Lugu Lake, Wulong Mountain etc.

All of these 41 routes are developed in the mode of passengers + travelers.

This mode can bring people the following benefits: you can buy package tickets for transportation and sight-seeing at Chengdu East bus station instead of queuing up for tickets at each of the scenic spots. (You can choose to buy bus tickets only, of course). Whether you are a traveler to Chengdu or a local resident, this type of personalized, menu-style service offers more choices. You can arrange the traveling time and routes freely according to your own schedule and interests.

Let's see those the 41 routes in details!

You can enjoy the one-stop bus service in such five-A scenic spots like Mount Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha, Dujiangyan, Mount Qingcheng and four-A scenic spots like Dinosaur Museum in Zigong, Rongxian Buddha, Anren Ancient Town.

Besides, there are other 19 one-stop bus routes to the historical and cultural tourist attractions around Chengdu, including Wuhouci Shrine Museum, Jinli Street, Panda Base, Sanxingdui Ruins Museum, Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum etc.



Don't wait to tick your travel list to Chengdu based on our highly convenient transport, very beautiful sceneries and extremely delicious food!

Leshan Giant Buddha

Mount Qingcheng

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