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Chengdu people feel they are favored by nature to take the pleasure of seeing the magnificent views, since the city enjoys the vicinity to some of the best locations in China to watch the red leaves.
Every season has its color, and autumn reveals the most magnificent display of colors in the year as chilly winds turn the forests into a palette of red, pink, yellow, golden and brown.
“Go to See the Red Leaves” hence comes to be the motif of the seasonal travel and city dwellers, bored with the unimaginative urban landscapes, drive near and far to appreciate the awe-inspiring sights of colored leaves in the mountains.
And in this season, people in Chengdu always feel they are favored by nature to take the pleasure of seeing the miraculous views of red leaves, since the city enjoys the vicinity to some of the best locations in the country to watch the red leaves.
Trees that change colors in these locations mostly include birch, maple, sparta tree, manchu cherry and bushes of various species.
Numerous sites in the high mountains in the west and north to the city provide Chengdu residents plentiful choices for such sights, not to mention the suburban spotlights where people can also have a look of the pleasing but not so significant views.
Hailuogou Valley
About 330 km from Chengdu, Hailuogou Valley is located in Luding County in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan, at the foot of Gongga Mountain, the tallest peak in the province with a height of 7, 556 meters above the sea level.
Hailuogou is best known for its with the lowest-altitude glacier on the Earth but has recently become a very popular red-leave-seeing destination, which provides a striking sight of colored forests all over the valleys, with a splendid backdrop of palm trees, bamboo groves, azalea flowers and dazzling glaciers.
Chengya Highway ‒ Ya’an City ‒ Tianquan County ‒ Moxi Town
Admission: 92 yuan / person
Heishui County
Heishui County is located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the northwest of Sichuan.
The county has two very good places to appreciate the beautiful red-leave scenery.
A. Kalonggou Valley
Kalonggou Valley is about 70 km from site of Heishui County and 310 km from Chengdu.
Kaolonggou Valley has a nickname of “Minor Jiuzhaigou” for its picturesque sights, colorful lakes and snow mountains.
Trees in Kalonggou Valley turn red in late autumn and colored leaves can be seen along the valley by winding streams and waterfalls toppling off cliffs, offering a spectacular view of glowing red and golden forests.
B. Naizigou Valley
Naizigou Valley is about 20 km from Heishui County and is easily accessible by the 302 Provincial Expressway.
In the autumn, the mountains in the area are ablaze with colorful forests that extend some 80 km with varied colors of red, purple, auburn, pink, yellow and brown.
Traffic :
Day 1 Chuengdu ‒ Wenchuan County ‒ Maoxian County ‒ Kalonggou Valley ‒ Heishui County
Day 2 Heishui County ‒ Naizigou Valley ‒ Chengdu
Admission: 60 yuan /person (Kalonggou Valley)
Miyaluo is in Lixian County in northwestern Sichuan, some 260 km from Chengdu.
Miyaluo is one of the largest red-leave appreciating site in China and forests in an expansive area of nearly 3, 000 provide a grand view of colorful trees.
Each year, the Red Leaves Festival is held in Lixian County and attracts thousands of people, who come to watch the splendid views of red leaves, see the old buildings of local residents and take baths in nearby hot springs.
Traffic: Chengdu ‒ Lixian ‒ Miyaluo
30 yuan / person (Miyaluo)
60 yuan / person (Taoping Stockaded Village)
50 yuan / person (Guergou Hot Springs)
Bipenggou Gorge
Situated in Lixian County, the Bipenggou Gorge is one of China’s most famous
red-leave sites. Tree at the site turn colors earlier than those in Miyaluo areas.
Chengdu ‒ Dujiangyuan City – Wenchuan County ‒ Lixian County ‒ Bipenggou Valley
Admission: 60 yuan / person
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