Loquats-picking Sites in Chengdu

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Loquat farms around Chengdu are in the harvest season and waiting for your coming.
The sight of the golden fruit with the size of a ping-pong hanging in the deep green leaves, and the thought of the juicy, sour and sweet taste, are the good reasons for a tour to the farms.
And here are some good destinations for the loquats-picking tour in Chengdu.
Loquat Valley, Shanquan Town, Longquanyi District
The Loquat Valley has delightful natural scenery when the loquats are ripening.
There are also many farm-fun restaurants where you can have a rest and have a taste of local dishes and the loquats you have picked yourself.
Self-drive: Chengdu—Chengdu-Chongqing Express—Maojiakou Reservoir—Loquat Valley
TaipingTown, Tianfu New Area
Taiping Town boasts a long history of loquats planting and a loquat planting area of more than 1,330 hectares.
A special here is the dishes cooked with loquats.
Self-drive: Chengdu—Huayang—Baisha Town—Taiping Town
Yunding Mountain, Jintang County
The loquat base in Yunding Mountain, Jintang County, gives you fun of picking loquats with a more favorable price.
Yunding Mountain is a good place for you to have a splendid view.
Self-drive: Chengdu—Jintang County—Zhaohuaikou Road—Yunding Mountain
Huanglongxi Town
Drive along the way to Huanglongxi Town and you can find loquat trees on the hills.
After picking loquats, you can also pay a visit to the old Huanglongxi Town and enjoy famous local snacks.
Self-drive: Chengdu—Huayang—Hualong Road—Baisha Town—Huanglongxi Town
Tianfu Zhuangyuan (Tianfu Manor), Qingbaijiang District
The Tianfu Zhuangyuan (Tianfu Manor) is an agritainment sightseeing site of modern eco-tourism.
Besides loquats-picking, you can also enjoy fun of fishing, riding a horse and making BBQ here.
Self-drive: Chengdu—Chengdu-Qingbaijiang Expressway—Qingquan Town

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