Have a cool, refreshing respite in the valleys

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We recommend five summer resorts in the valleys close to the city, which provide an escape from the sweltering weather and dreary city life and a lot fun of hiking, camping and water playing.
Not far from the city of Chengdu are scenic valleys hiding in mountains, with vegetations flourishing, clear streams running by and most of all the cooled-off atmosphere that will make the tours to which a rewarding experience during the sweaty days of the year.
Nanmuxi (Nanmu Stream) in Qionglai City
nanmuxi in Qionglai city
The valley lies in the rear of the Tiantai Mountain (Celestial Platform Mountain) with a long clear-water stream running on the floor. The cool weather and picturesque sights of mountains and waterfalls make the valley an ideal site for an excursion, and people can have a taste of freshly picked vegetables from the mountains at the fun farm facilities along the valley.
nanmuxi in qionglai city
Address: Gaohe Town, Qionglai City
Self-drive: urban Chengdu ‒ Chengwenqiong Highway ‒ Qionglai City ‒ Huojing Town ‒ Gaohe Town ‒ Nanmuxi
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