Cherry Blossom Appreciation Sites

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You can’t miss the sight in spring of the cherry blossoms (sakura).
In Chengdu, there are several sites where you can watch the cherry blossoms in full bloom, comparable to the spectacular sights in Japan or Wuhan University in China.
Chengdu has the perfect climate in spring, especially in April, when a large variety of flowers, such as peachblossom, pear blossom, crabapple blossom and so on, come into florescence. A highlight of the flower appreciation season is the beautiful cherry flowers, which attract thousands of city people to go around the city to catch the colorful sights with cameras and smartphones.
Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park
The 10th Chengdu Qingbaijiang Cherry Blossom Tourism and Culture Festival is celebrated at the Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park in northern Chengdu's Qingbaijiang District. Tens of thousands of cherry blossom trees of over 100 species in the park are in full blossom now. Some sideshows, including a Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition and an agricultural products fair, are held at the park.
■ Admission: Free
■ Address: Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park, Qingbaijiang District
■ Traffic:
(Metro Line 3) Downtown Chengdu→ Chengdu Medical College Station →(Bus) No. 603 →Tianyuan Guangchang Station
Chengdu Botanical Garden
Chengdu Botanical Garden is an excellent place to appreciate the springtime blooms. Its impressive sights are well worth the RMB10 entrance fee, and the site is easily accessible by subway.
■ Admission: RMB10/person
■ Address: 1116 Rongdu Avenue, Tianhui Township, Jinniu District
(Metro Line 3) Downtown Chengdu→ Botanical Garden Station
Qinglong Lake Wetland Park
Home to a large number of cherry trees, the park is one of the most popular sites to view the cherry blossoms in the city.
■ Admission: Free
■ Address: Shiling Scenic Spot, Longquanyi District (flowers are also found on the Cherry Blossom Avenue around Qionglong Lake Wetland Park)
■ Traffic
(Metro Line 4) Downtown Chengdu→ Ming Shu Wang Ling Station
Southwest Minzu University (Shuangliu Campus)
Get into the campus from the southwest door, you will see a spectacular sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom along a long corridor on both sides.
■ Admission: Free
■ Address: 168 Dajian Road Wenxing Section, Shuangliu District
■ Traffic
(Bus) No.801 Downtown Chengdu→ Southwest Minzu University (Shuangliu Campus) Station
Flowers Manor of Poly Park 198
The hottest site now in Chengdu to appreciate the cherry blossoms. A 228-meter-long glass bridge in the park is built along the mountain and the 40-hectare park is a picturesque place with cherry blossoms and other springtime blooms in full bloom.
■ Admission: RMB90/person
■ Address: intersection of south section of Shulong Avenue and Yinxing Road, Shuangliu District
■ Traffic
(Metro Line 3) Downtown Chengdu→→Sanhechang Station →(Bus) No.X16 Bus →Lafei Zhuangyuan Station→Walk to the site (some 300m)

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