Crabapple Blossoms: Viewing Guide

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Best time: late February — early April
Venue 1: Tanghu Park in Shuangliu County
Tanghu Park, located in the central area of Shuangliu County and some 18km from downtown Chengdu, occupies an area of about 16 hectares. Built in 1986, the classical Chinese garden features an abundance of crabapple blossoms and enchanting view of the Tanghu Lake. The Chinese crabapple flowers go into full blossom, forming a scarlet blanket with sweet and delicate scent from late February to early April.
How to get there:
By bus No. 804 at Shiyangchang Bus Station, No. 820 at Shuangliu Bus Station, and No.2 and No.5 in Shuangliu County to Tanghu Park Stop

Venue 2: Anlong Township in Dujiangyan City
Located in northwestern Chengdu’s Dujiangyan City, the Anlong Township is known as the largest planting base for Chinese flowering crabapple trees in Sichuan. As a famous town of flowers and plants, it has three parks featuring Sichuan-style bonsai culture, vast open wetland and Chinese flowering crabapple trees, respectively.
How to get there:
Chengdu-Dujiangyan Expressway — Ande Exit — Shouan Township — Chengqing (Chengdu-Mt. Qingcheng) Road for Rapid Transit — Anlong Township

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