This "Angora Pretty" Rabbit Cafe in Chengdu is One You Must Visit!

Authors: Go Chengdu


The newly opened "Angora Pretty" Rabbit Cafe in Chengdu's Zheng Kejia Alley, and is home to 25 Angora Rabbits for patrons to feed and pet as they dine.
We've been to duck cafes, even heard of pig cafes, but Chengdu has moved on to the next pet: rabbits.
Angora Rabbits become the cafe's stars, as crowds in this eatery ignore their drinks and delicacies to gather adoringly around these fluffy rabbits.
With 25 big Angora rabbits and other 5 little bunnies in the space - "Angora Pretty" Rabbit Cafe, visitors could grab a bite, enjoy a cup of beverage and spend some time with these fluffy cuddly animals for 68 yuan.
Guests who have been to this cafe said that the bunnies were quite docile and has super soft hair. The white and grey ones appear unflustered as they are held up in front of cameras and smartphones for rabbit-selfies.
Add: 17 Zheng Kejia Alley 2F, (some 200m walk from the Chunxi Road stop of Metro line 2/3)
Check the video below about the shop:
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