Shu Embroidery: A Needle Pulling Art

Authors: Jay Liu; Photo/Video: Wei Jiaxin


The areas of Sichuan, also called “Shu”, has won the name of the Land of Abundance and long enjoyed the prosperity of silk-weaving and embroidery since the ancient times.
As one of the four Famous Embroideries in China, Shu Embroidery has a history dating back to over 3,000 years ago and was included in the first list of the national intangible cultural heritages in 2006.
A workshop with the name of "Xiuyuan Shu Embroidery (绣缘蜀绣)", on a street by Wenshu Monastery in downtown Chengdu, is a haven of embroidery production and a witness of the development of the traditional art. The owner of the shop Meng Dezhi is a Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts and a national-level inheritor of intangible cultural heritages.
On display at the anteroom of the workshop are colorful Shu Embroidery products: cheongsams, scrolls, wallets and other art works. The workshop features a decoration of classical styles.
Meng comes from a family of embroidery workers and started her career in Shu Embroidery at the age of 18.
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