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What's your plan for the upcoming holidays? This site might be a nice place to go.
Recommended place: Fanmate Flying International Creative Park
Address: No.3 West Taipingsi Road, Wuhou District
Hallmarks: Industrial chic, non-mainstream, photogenic, leisure
Recommended duration: Half a day
Admission: Free of charge
Previously a glider manufacturing plant for the Chengdu branch of China Sports Industry Group and an old factory remembered fondly by the old generation of Chengdu folks, it has somewhat fallen into obscurity before reviving into a contemporary cultural and creative park. A wide array of cultural and creative businesses come into blossom here, ranging from exhibition and curation to cultural and creative bookshop, restaurant and café.
The park has once again come under the spotlight and emerged as a new cultural landmark of the city.
In this fantastic autumn weather, let us go on an outing and check out this place!
The Fanmate Flying International Creative Park is a popular spot among artistic young people, photographers and visitors alike. Coupling a cool grayish tone with red brick structures that come in a wide range of geometric shapes, the park is filled with photo-worthy spots from factory buildings, bookstores, restaurants and workshops to spiral staircases and hidden corners.
The renovation and upcycle of the complex combine abandoned industrial buildings with cutting-edge architectural design, and a distinctive artistic atmosphere injects new vitality into this once-forgotten locale.
At present, the park is still under renovation, home to a number of semi-finished and half-empty warehousing spaces and studios. Some are modern constructions built with steel and concrete, while others feature scarred and discolored bricks and tiles, a stark yet striking contrast that has emerged as a magnet for both local and foreign visitors.
The warm and bright pinkish-orange spiral staircase and a glass bridge installed between the structures add a vibrant dash of color to the dilapidated factory buildings.
Must-see spot #1: An House
As the café's Chinese name implies and as written on the automatic glass doors, "may peace be with you when you come and leave". An House is a chic café closest to the park's main gate and is noted for its nouvelle-Chinese style and a rich line-up of health preservation-oriented desserts and drinks. Of course, An House is but one of the many distinctive cafés in the area, remember to seek them out if time permits.
The pinkish-orange spiral staircase by the door definitely deserves a photo or two, especially on a fine day!
Must-see spot #2: Fan Deng Books
This two-story bookstore is comprised of book bar, dining area and gallery, among many other facilities. Be ready for a whole new realm once stepping through its door.
There are not one but two spiral staircases on the first floor. The bright blue industrial chic stairs and the pastel green spiral staircase with contrasting color scheme make it an absolutely camera-worthy spot.
1. When searching for the Fanmate Flying International Creative Park (梵木Flying国际文创公园) on your map app, do not to misdirect yourself toward the similarly named Fanmate Creative Art Area (梵木创意园) in eastern Chengdu;
2. Pick a sunny day for better pictures;
3. Bringing with you some mosquito repellents is advisable, given the lush vegetation in the park.
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