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Explore Chengdu on two wheels.

Spring has come, bringing fresh air, rising temperatures, the sights of green trees and colorful blooming flowers, and of course the best occasions in a year for outings…why not have a ride on your bike to travel around the city for fun and refreshing encounters?
Choose from the courses we recommend below — rated as leisurely, moderate and challenge respectively according to the strenuousness required — and have a nice spring outing. You can also have the more convenient sharing-bikes, such as Mobike and OFO.


1. downtown Chengdu — Shiling Town — Luodai Town — Shiling Town — downtown Chengdu (about 50 km)
Sites to see: Luodai Ancient Town

The largest Hakka community in western China, with well-preserved old constructions and cultural relics. The town was founded during the period of Three Kingdoms (220-280).
2. downtown Chengdu — Luodai Town — Jinlong Monastery — Luodai Town — downtown Chengdu (about 80 km)
Pleasant scenery along the way, with verdant trees on both sides.
Sites to see: Jinlong Monastery

A Buddhist temple, Jinlong Monastery in Longquanyi District in eastern Chengdu has a history dating back to about 1, 000 years ago. It is famous for its abundant cultural relics, inscriptions and calligraphy works.
3. Niuxin Shan Loop Line (about 80 km): downtown Chengdu — Xingfu Meilin in Sansheng Township — Baihe Town — Longyi Mountain — Niuxin Mountain — Taiping Town — Huayang Township — downtown Chengdu
Sites to see: Niuxin Mountain (Oxen Heart Mountain)
Following a course in the Longquan Mountains, the line is one of the most popular routes for cyclists in Chengdu for its picturesque scenery and places of cultural importance.
4. downtown Chengdu — Huayang Township — Gongxing Town — Yong'an Town — Huanglong Town – Yong'an Town — Zhengxing Town — Huayang Township (about 100 km)
Sites to see: Huanglongxi Town

Huanglongxi Town is an old town about 40km from the downtown Chengdu, featuring well-preserved old buildings, narrow lanes paved with stone slabs, old temples and antique shops.


1. downtown Chengdu — Longtan Temple — Shibantan — Qingquan Town — Yunding Mountain — Qingquan Town — Luodai Town — downtown Chengdu (about 120km)
Sites to see: Yunding Mountain
Located in Jintang County, Yunding Mountains provide a grand view of the surrounding areas of rivers, canyons and lakes.
Ancient temples are well preserved on the top of the Major Peak and remains of artillery batteries, soldier camps and wharves can also be found in the area, as the site was very important for its strategic position and served as a stronghold during the war against the Mongol invaders at the end of the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279).
2. downtown Chengdu — Dujiangyan City — Hongkou Village — Dujiangyan City — downtown Chengdu (about 160 km)
The journey from Chengdu to Dujiangyan is a little bit difficult as the way is uphill, while the return is relatively easy as the way is downhill.
Sites to see: Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Dujiangyan Irrigation System in Dujiangyan City, about 60 km from downtown Chengdu, was built more than 2,200 years ago and is probably the oldest functioning water-control project in the world, listed as an item of UNESCO world heritage. The irrigation system benefits the whole areas of the Chengdu Plain.
3. downtown Chengdu — Pengzhou City — Danjing Mountain — Tongji Town — Bailu Town — Shangshuyuan (an old catholic church) — downtown Chengdu (about 140 km)
Sites to see: Danjing Mountain

Danjing Mountain has an altitude of over 1,000 meters. It is known as the most beautiful site for peony appreciation and boasts ancient relics of the Tang (618 — 907) and Song (960—1279) dynasties.
The best time to visit the mountain is in late April and early May, when peonies are in full bloom all over the mountainside. The picturesque view is a great attraction to visitors who tend to linger to enjoy the natural beauty and escape the city life.
Sites to see: Bailu Town

The French-style cobblestone streets, the eclectic mix of buildings and architecture, and the overall relaxing atmosphere — Bailu Town is a fairytale world that hides in the mountainous areas in Pengzhou City.


1. downtown Chengdu — Wenjiang District — Chongzhou City — Huaiyuan Town — Jiulonggou Scenic Spot — Jiezi Town — Chengdu-Qingbaijiang Expressway — Wenjiang District — downtown Chengdu (about 180 km)
Sites to see: Jiezi Town

The town is located in Chongzhou City in western Chengdu, not far from the famous Qingcheng Mountains. It has a history of over 1,000 years and boasts 32 temples and a number of historical sites. The town is a good combination of natural scenery and artificial designs.
2. downtown Chengdu — Shuangliu District — Xinjin County — Pujiang County — Xilai Ancient Town — Qionglai City — Dayi County — Huaiyuan Town — Jiezi Town — Lianghe Township — Qingcheng Mountains(back) — Qingcheng Mountains(front) — Dujiangyan City — downtown Chengdu (about 260 km)
Sites to see: Xilai Ancient Town

Xilai Ancient Town in Pujiang County in southern Chengdu is noted for its quiet, waterside scenes, leisurely life and long history.
The town sits at a location with two rivers running through and two mountains in the background. People come to experience the serenity and slow-paced life in this far-flung small town, where cultural relics of the ancient times can still be found.

We also recommend four green-ways that are best known among cyclists in the city and are good places for family's spring outing.

Eastern Chengdu: Jinjiang 198 LOHAS
An easily accessible greenway for the downtown dwellers with a total length of 12.8km, close to the Golden Port Circuit and Galway Park. Good views of rivers, flying egrets and more at the LOHAS art museum.
Southern Chengdu: Shuangliu Greenway
The longest greenway in Chengdu, Shuangliu Greenway has a total length of 237.6 km and provides a close look to several fruit farms and scenic spots for cyclist to enjoy the pleasant rural scenery on the way.
Western Chengdu: Wenjiang Greenway
Often named as "the best greenway for cyclists", the path has a total length of 67 km. Part of the path runs along the Jiang'an River and offers the very agreeable sights of lush vegetation, flower fields and historical sites.
Northern Chengdu: Shaxi Greenway
The greenway in Pidu District in northwestern Chengdu consists of two branches, one for flower appreciation the other for river sights. The 26 km-long path also provides green spaces for jogging, playing games and recreational activities. A visit to neighboring farm houses will prove a worthy respite for cyclists.

GoChengdu Bike Riders Club Night Ride a Special Street Sight

The night ride of GoChengdu Bike Riders Club came to a hilarious party as a troop of cyclists, mostly expatriates living in Chengdu, completed their two-hour tour in downtown Chengdu on the evening of October 30.

Nov 06, 2015

Sharing-bikes a New Way of Green Transport

The sharing-bikes has recently caused a swirl among new generations in the city, providing them a new alternative to get to short-distance sites instead of walking or taking a taxi.

Dec 21, 2016

Sharing Economy Brings New Experience to Locals

The city of Chengdu now sees more people riding the shared-bikes, driving the rented new-energy cars and taking out mails from Spaster’s boxes, and even consulting doctors online.

Feb 09, 2017

Chengdu to Add 100,000 Public Bikes in 2017

An extra 100,000 public smart bicycles are set to hit the pavements of Chengdu in 2017, as the city’s moves towards ever-greener transport are taken up a gear.

Feb 18, 2017

Metro + Sharing Bike Theme Card to be Issued

The metro+sharing bike theme card will be issued on this Sunday.

Mar 12, 2017

City Advocates Low-carbon Commuting to Make Life Greener (One)

Chengdu, aiming to guide the bike sharing sector to develop orderly and soundly, and promote low-carbon commuting and green urban life, announced tentative measures to encourage developing the industry at a news briefing on March 3.

Mar 26, 2017

City Advocates Low-carbon Commuting to Make Life Greener (Two)

Chengdu, aiming to guide the bike sharing sector to develop orderly and soundly, and promote low-carbon commuting and green urban life, announced tentative measures to encourage the development of the industry at a news briefing on March 3.

Mar 31, 2017

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