Bus No.31: City Full of Fragrance of Flowers

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Do you have to rack your brains to decide what attractions you will visit when you are in Chengdu? Here is a quick guide to traveling around the city by bus. Along every bus route here, there are amazing places to explore. Whether you are a foodie, history lover, or shopaholic, the bus lines listed below can satisfy your tastes and demands. Now sit back, relax and experience Chengdu’s fascinating attractions and Chengdu people’s laid-back life on a bus tour.
4th Stop: North Gate of Gaowei Sports Park
Sight spot: Gaowei Sports Park
The Gaowei Sports Park is an ecological park for leisure and entertainment, equipped with plenty of high-end sports facilities such as tennis courses, badminton courses, a swimming pool, a table tennis hall, and a track and field venue. People can bike around the park and enjoy the green shade and colorful flowers along the greenway Jinjiang 198 LOHAS which surrounds the park.
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