Bailuwan, Wonderful Wetland Park for Weekends

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The city of Chengdu has a lot more to offer to tourists and holiday makers other than the hot destinations such as Huanglongxi, Qingcheng Mountains, Shixiang Lake and a number of ancient towns, and we recommend the Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park to people wishing a wonderful weekends tour.
Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park is located southeast to Chengdu downtown, consisting of three functional sections, the Aquatic Plant Area, the Flower Industry Area and the Innovative Industry Park. It is the city's first park that combines the functions for sightseeing, environment protection, urban agriculture and education.
The park covers a total area of over 200 hectares, consisting of a large area of artificial wetland and a habitat for waterfowls and other wildlife.
It has just become the first National Urban Wetland Park in Chengdu, approved in January, 2017.
What fun you'll have at Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park:
Watching the egrets
Here you can see flocks of egrets flying on the lakes. In Chinese culture, the egret symbolizes longevity and happiness, and watching the birds will bring you good luck!
Carefree strolling
Flowers of all colors come out in spring and the air in the park is scented with fragrance, giving people a great close-to-nature experience.
Bicycle rent is available at the gate of the park. What a fun to ride on the bike along the paths lined with green trees, colorful flowers and see the picturesque scenery! The park offers bicycle rental service.
Hotpot savoring
The numerous Farmfun facilities and restaurants around the park provide car parking, lodging and dining, and you can also have a try of the spicy, exciting hotpot!
Transportation: bus186, 511, 899
Admission: free
Open: 24 hours

Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park

Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park is a large artificial wetland located in the southeastern suburb of Chengdu.

Nov 04, 2014

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