White Romance: Popular Skiing Sites around Chengdu

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Skiing fans have their best time from late December to early March when mountains around Chengdu are covered with deep snow that makes the areas the wonderland for traveling and winter sports.
Jiuding Mountain
Jiuding Mountain is located in the southern part of Maoxian County, Aba Prefecture.
The resort has five ski courses: one advanced level, one intermediate and three elementary. Ice sculpture is another highlight here, and every year the ski resort will invite ice sculpture masters to display their works.
Taiziling Ski resort in Jiujing Mountain is known to have good ski facilities near Chengdu and is around 3 hours drive from the downtown city. You can rent a car or take their resort shuttle bus or a regular bus to get there.
Price: Admission RMB70/person, through ticket RMB268/person (online booking available; discounts for student card holders)
Opening: Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm, Weekends and Holidays 9am-6pm
Address: Taiziling Ski Resort, Jiuding Mountains Scenic Area, Maoxian County
Emeishan (Emei Mountains)
The Ski Resort in the Emeishan, built in 1998, is the first skiing site in Sichuan. The resort with an area of over 8, 000 sqm finds its place on a flat field next to Leidongping and has skiing facilities imported from Austria, including the three UFO slides that are children's favorite. Sightseeing and snow fun programs also attract thousands of tourists.
Price: Leidongping Ski Resort, RMB 100/person
Opening: 9 am (Ticketing is closed at 5 pm)
Xiling Snow Mountain
The skiing resort less than 100 km away from Chengdu, Xiling Snow Mountain is a popular winter sports destination in southern China and southern Asian countries and a site of alpine sceneries. Dubbed as the Oriental Alps, the skiing resort of Xiling Snow Mountain is the most popular spot for winter sports in southern China and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Balloon rides are also very popular at the site as the riders can have a wonderful view of the surrounding forests and mountains covered with white snow.
Price: skiing RMB120/hr; admission RMB120/person
Opening: daytime 9:00-17:30, night 19:00-21:00
The main venue for the ice and snow sports at Bipenggou is about 3, 000 meters above the sea level, making itself a site for the longest season for snow fun around Chengdu.
Price: RMB120/person (including the admission and the fare for cable)
Address: Putou Village, Lixian County
Bus: Chadianzi Bus Station-Lixian County-Bipenggou (transfer, about RMB20/person)
Jiuhuang Mountain
Jiuhuang Mountain are located in Mianyang City, some 170km from Chengdu. The scenery of Jiuhuang Mountains is original and natural, including water scenery, biology scenery and sky scenery. In winter, the mountain is a great place for skiing and other snow-related activities.
Price: RMB230/person
Address: Jiuhuang Mountains, Jinbaoshi Village, Mianyang City
Zhegu Mountain
The snow resort at Zhegu Mountain (Partridge Mountain), more than 4, 000 meters above the sea level, offers an elevating option for the fans of ice and snow sports other than the famous Emei Mountain and Xiling Snow Mountain.
The skiing site here is a well equipped resort with lots of facilities whether you are a novices or a professional.
About 280 kilometers to the northwest of Chengdu, Zhegu Mountain is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. A journey from Chengdu downtown to the site takes about 5 hours. You can also have fun of snow motors. There are also scenic spots such as the labyrinth of snow houses, snow sculptures, snowfield merry-go-round and so on.
Price: RMB180/person (including the admission and the fare for the bus travel from the mountain gate to the ski resort)
Address: Zhegu Mountain, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture
PS: You can use Google map or other map Apps to choose your routes to the destination.
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