Dance With Lily Flowers

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The Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot is entering into its best season in the year as the thousands of lily flowers in the area are in full bloom, dancing in the warm breeze in autumn.
With the lilies in full bloom, the scenic spot attracts visitors from near and far, who are thrilled by the splendid sight of the sea of lily flowers and the fresh, scented air around the area.

Only about one-hour drive from downtown Chengdu, Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot (Stone Elephant Lake) in Pujiang County is known as one of the best sites around Chengdu for flower appreciation. Also a popular tourist attraction, the site hosts a number important flower festivals each year. The 2016 Lily Flowers & Wind-bells Festival is held at present at the scenic spot, highlighting a large land with thousands of lilies and seasonal flowers.
Some recreational and cultural activities are also held during the period of the festival, including a display of thousands of wind-bells.

Best time for lily flower appreciation: Mid-September to Mid-October

How to get there:
Take a bus at Xinnanmen Bus Station in downtown Chengdu (departures: 8:30 and 9:50 every morning; transportation fare: about RMB30).

Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot

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