[Video] Autumn's Beauty - Gingko Leaves

Authors: Go Chengdu


Check the video and see our bird view of Baiyan Monastery's Gingko tress, located in Dayi County in outskirt of Chengdu, revealing a Golden heart.
The ginkgo trees in Baiyan Monastery in Dayi County, in western Chengdu, have changed into yellow and golden colors. We were so delighted to find our aerial view of Gingkos here revealed a Golden heart.
The ginkgo tree is the City Tree of Chengdu and there are thousands of ginkgo trees planted in downtown and suburban Chengdu. Ginkgo trees can be found everywhere, especially on university campuses, such as Sichuan University and The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Suburban places in Chengdu, such as Yunding Mountains in Jintang County and Qingcheng Mountains in Dujiangyan City are also good places to see golden ginkgo trees.
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