“Extra-super” moon is to rise

Authors: Go Chengdu


See the biggest super moon in a generation on Nov.14, 2016. It’s the closest the moon has been to Earth since 1948. Appearing bigger and brighter, the moon won’t look this super again until 2034.

An unusually large and bright moon will adorn the night sky on Monday—the closest "super moon" to Earth in 68 years and a chance for dramatic photos and spectacular surf.

Weather permitting, the phenomenon should appear at its most impressive at 21:52 Beijing time (13:52 GMT).

Provided there are no clouds and not too much light pollution, people should be able to see Earth's satellite loom unusually large over the horizon shortly after sunset, irrespective of where in the world they are.

Recommended sites in Chengdu to see the Super Moon

Chongli Tower;

Du Fu's Thatched Cottage;

Happy Valley Amusement Park;

339 TV Tower;

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