Tea & Liquor in Sichuan

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There are many famous liquor brands in Sichuan, including Wuliangye, Luzhoulaojiao, Jiannanchun, Langjiu and Swellfun (Shuijingfang)

Tea plantation and drinking originated in China, and Sichuan is one of China’s earliest regions to plant and drink tea. Green tea and jasmine tea are the two typical kinds in Sichuan. The Zhuyeqing (green tea) from Mount Emei, Ganlu (green tea) from Mount Mengding and green tea from Mt. Qingcheng are very popular at home and abroad.


Unique geography and climate make Sichuan one of China’s best places to brew Chinese liquors (Bai Jiu, distilled spirit), which vary in taste and flavor because of the use of different raw materials and production techniques. Many liquors produced in Sichuan, such as Wuliangye, Luzhoulaojiao, Jiannanchun, Langjiu and Swellfun (Shuijingfang), have won global reputation and are worth a try.

Where to buy:
Sichuan Specialty Shopping Center: #238 Wuhouci Heng St
Sichuan Specialty Shopping Center (Chunxi Road Flagship Store): #7-8 Chunxi Road North Section, New St Back Alley
Sichuan Specialty Flagship Store: #149 Yipintianxia St
Sichuan Specialty: #1-52 Jinxiu Road
Sichuan Specialty Shopping Center: #9-20 Xiatongren Road

Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is regarded as the shopping paradise for many people, with a plethora of classy boutiques, supermarkets, department stores and restaurants of local and foreign foods, and numerous small shops to satisfy consumer desires.

Jul 22, 2016

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