Qingming Festival: Time to Have a Date with Spring

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Taking advantage of such a good time, city-dwellers come to the suburbs and parks, get closer to the nature, observe plants and flowers, and enjoy some quality leisure time.
Qingming, a traditional Chinese festival, one of the 24 Chinese solar terms, is also the fifth solar term of spring. On this day each year, we pay tributes to our ancestors at their graves. Moreover, it is high time we embraced April, the most adorable month of the year. At this point, the whole world comes alive, and all living things thrive. With green grass and blooming flowers, the world is full of life. In short, Qingming is the day when spring is in full swing.
Going for an outing in the country is the best way for many people to make a rendezvous with spring. Therefore, Qingming Festival is also called Spring Outing Day. Together with families and friends, we hang out together, bringing snacks and desserts, plus Qingming specialty – Qingtuan (Sweet Green Rice Ball). Qingtuan is made from soft glutinous rice which is dyed green, with egg yolk or bean-paste as stuffing. One bite is enough to pamper your taste-buds and uplift your spirits.
Flying kites is preferred by people having picnics. Flying kites on Qingming has been a favorite past-time since ancient times. This custom was recorded in the Chinese classic novel A Dream of Red Mansions, indicating how long it has been around. When the kites are flying high, people deliberately cut off the lead and let the kites drift away, which is regarded as a sign of getting rid of bad luck, cares, frustrations, worries, and illnesses. Nowadays we see kite-flying more as a recreation and interaction with our peers. A cursory look at the kites, which are wafted up by the breeze and waltzing in the up air, is enough to delight their owners.
Chengdu, a beautiful city with a plethora of parks, is an ideal place to have a close encounter with spring. In this lovely place, there is a vast variety of options for luxuriating in the spring. You can climb up Longquan Mountain and look into the distance, go to Tazishan Park to observe flowers, visit Bailuwan Wetland Park for a stroll, or travel to Qinglong Lake Park for cycling and boating. Gazing at rolling hills and rivers while breathing in fresh air and the fragrance of the flowers is how we savor and cherish the best gift of spring!

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