Gourmet Chengdu

The Restoration and Renovation of Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan Food is unique for its application of variou ...
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Mutton Munching Mania in Chengdu

Statistics show that more than 1 million sheep were ...
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Gourmet Chengdu

An internationally-renowned food culture city as wel ...
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Sichuan Hot Pot

Chengdu Hot Pot has a great variety of tastes and in ...
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Chengdu chef Lan Guijun: the new emperor of Chinese gastronomy

In a leafy backstreet in the Sichuanese capital Chen ...
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Pixian Douban

Pixian Douban is regarded as the “Soul of Sichuan Cu ...
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Chengdu Hot Pot Month

Experience Hotpot Culture with GoChengdu in 2018

Hotpot is a kind of popular food in the city, especi ...
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Explore Hotpot: Food Experiences of Foreigners in Chengdu

Have an authentic hotpot flavor with www.gochengdu.c ...
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