Vegetarian Restaurants in Chengdu

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You don’t need meat for a satisfying meal, especially if you dine at one of these vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Chengdu.
Vegetarian Life Style
Vegetarian Life Style always uses purified water in cooking, and all dishes are cooked free of gourmet powder (MSG, monosodium glutamtae).
Online comments:
Very tasty vegetarian foods and affordable price. Good service and the menu has pictures and the English version. One of the best recommendations is the vegetarian Peking Duck.
Address: 4-A Platinum Age City, #27 Qinglong Street
Opening: 11:00~21:30
A business club providing vegetarian dishes and Zen tea, Vegan advocates the healthful, ecological lifestyle.
Online comments:
The vegetarian restaurant of Vegan is decorated in the Southeast Asian style. Very agreeable environs and friendly service.
The restaurant has a large collection of books on the shelves for people to read, and some of the books are given to readers for free.
Address: #33 Jialing Street
Opening: 11:00~21:30
Sunflower Daddy
Sunflower Daddy is a home-like veggie food restaurant and a keen advocate of vegan foods, environment protection and love for pets.
Online comments:
Love the place. Tiramisu made in the restaurant is famous, but the yam with blueberry jam is so so. Good service and environment.
Address: Gonghecun Business Building, Hongwasi Street
Opening: 10:30~22:00
Yusu Pavilion
One of the city’s top vegetarian food restaurants that provides authentic Sichuan-style foods.
Online comments:
Very good service and very tasty food. You’d never expect that veggie foods can be so delicious.
Address: 25, 5th Floor of EGO Plaza, #133 Shangdongdajie Street
Opening: 10:00~22:00
Gengyuan Vegetarian Restaurant
The restaurant chooses organic food for cooking and pays attention to nutrition and the balanced diet that consists of cereals, beans, fruits and vegetables.
Online comments:
Elegant environment and good foods
Address: 2nd Floor 2 of Tiansheng Plaza, #88 Beibajie Street
Opening: 10:00~22:00
Shushizuo Vegetarian Restaurant
Shushizuo insists on eco-friendly and low-carbon lifestyles and promotes vegetarian foods. The restaurant provides dishes made with vegetables, cereals, beans and mushrooms.
Online comments:
This restaurant is really not bad. Good food and home-like environment. It’s a must for the party when my friend comes to Chengdu from Hong Kong, and the “meat” made from Tofu is our favorite.
Address: 4th Floor, #240 Yipintianxia Street
Opening: 10:00~21:00
Most Buddhist monasteries and Taoist temples in Chengdu have vegetarian restaurants within the walls. Here is a list of the most famous religious sites of the city offering veggie foods:
Wenshu Monastery, Daci Monastery, Baoguang Monastery, Zhaojue Monastery, Qingyang Temple

Gourmet Chengdu

An internationally-renowned food culture city as well as the home to the Sichuan-style cuisine, Chengdu was named by UNESCO the City of Gastronomy in February, 2010.

Nov 09, 2014

First Touch of Authentic Sichuan Food

Gastronomic enthusiasts Marc (France) and Arturo (the US) came to Daronghe Restaurant in Chengdu to learn how to cook Mapo Tofu and Kung Pao Chicken.

Oct 15, 2014

Sichuan Cuisine Culture Museum

The museum is a cultural theme scenic spot for culinary culture, food experience, shopping and recreation.

Oct 21, 2014

What makes Chengdu the Land of Abundance

Since ancient times Sichuan, or more specifically the Chengdu Plain, has been given the name the Land of Abundance for the fact that it is one of the primary food production bases in China.

Jul 25, 2014

Chinese test challenges US students to find Chengdu food

(ECNS) – Seventeen students selected by the US government were tested on their Chinese language proficiency in Chengdu, Sichuan province, by finding delicious food in the city on Wednesday afternoon, West China Metropolis Daily reported.

Jul 31, 2014

11th China Chengdu International Food & Tourism Festival

The 11th China Chengdu International Food & Tourism Festival will be held from Sept. 28 to Oct. 7, with main venue in the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, and sub-venues in some special main streets in the downtown for interactive experience (incl. Wide and Narrow Lanes, Yopindo, Lan Kwai Fong, Jinli Ancient Street, Wenshufang Cultural Block, Yipintianxia (a block featuring typical Sichuan food culture) and MIXC).

Oct 08, 2014

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