Panda-themed KFC Restaurant Opens in Chengdu

Authors: Amy


The first panda-themed restaurant arrives in Chengdu with its unique layout and decoration that features the panda elements.
KFC announced on June 25 the opening of its first panda-themed restaurant in the world in Chunxi Road, the CBD of Chengdu.
The restaurant stands out with its unique layout and decoration that features the panda elements with the photos of pandas and panda dolls adorning the walls, settings of bamboo trees, and a large panda mailbox in front of the cashier’s counter.
The panda-themed restaurant recommends a special bus travel line that connects the Wide & Narrow Alleys, the Panda Base and the restaurant, and has joined hands with Chengdu Panda Post to launch the customized hand-painted postcards.
There are more than one hundred KFC restaurants in Sichuan, of which 55 are in downtown Chengdu.
Add: Chunxi Building F1-2, #1-27 Dakejia Alley, Jinjiang District
Opening: 6:00-23:00

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