Sounds and Voices from the City of Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Every city has its own sounds and voices, each of which is part of local cultural diversity.
An audio recording of the sounds in Chengdu, by China Central Television, will let you know more about the city—sounds of cooking, mahjong-playing, tea-drinking, traffic, talk show performance, etc.
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San-da-pao (literally "three big-gun booms") is served as a bowl of glutinous rice balls coated with soybean powder and black sugar juice. The name comes from the three loud sounds when the snack is made: the rice balls are thrown to a large board and then jump into a basket, with the accompaniment of a loud clatter of tinsel saucers that catches the attention of the passersby.
Playing mahjong is very popular among Chengdu locals as you can find it in every corner of Chengdu, in the parks, teahouses, and even by the roadside.
Teahouses are common in Chengdu since local people prefer to going to the teahouse not only for tea, snacks, and entertainment, but also for social gatherings and business meetings.
Chengdu teahouse
Ear-picking is a traditional practice still alive in the city, a joy to locals and an extraordinary experience to visitors to the city. The ear-pickers, when cleaning your ear, will shake their spiky mental instrument to make tinkling sounds.

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