Global Culinary Journey in Chengdu: More Than Food

Authors: Go Chengdu


An Italian team visited Chengdu on their trip to gourmet destinations around the world for culinary explorations.
The dream job is, to many people, that enables you to travel around the world and enjoy different foods with friends.
And the Italian team, consisting of chief Rosa, documentary producer Marella and two film makers, has made dream come true to all its members. The epicurean and wanderlust group has visited quite a number of gourmet destinations around the world and recorded their culinary explorations, flavored with touches on scenery, culture and stories in the camera. The documentaries on their journey are popular on social media and television.
Chengdu the gourmet city
They arrived in Chengdu on August 3 on their new exploration after visits to Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
"Before we set foot on this land, my knowledge about Chengdu was mostly from the website I was thrilled by the picturesque scenery and the fantastic food, and of course we love pandas," said Marella, documentary producer of the team.
And they found Chengdu even more fabulous than imagined: the subways, modern buildings, friendly people, etc., "We can't wait to begin our journey in the city."
The first stop of the exploration was the agricultural products market, where they bought ingredients ― in the large-scale market they found all the familiar and unfamiliar ingredients. Rosa soon had everything she needed.
Gastronomic and cultural exchange
The meeting with local chefs soon followed at a homestay hostel in the Longquan Mountains in eastern Chengdu, with highlights of the kitchen show and idea exchange.
Rosa's presentation of the kitchen show was the traditional Italian pasta, while the local chef offered the classic Sichuan dishes, such as Twice-cooked Pork, Kung Pao Chicken and Mapo Tofu. "The dishes are very delicious," said Rosa, "And I am impressed by the slicing and cooking techniques."
Some children in the neighborhood were invited to enjoy the rich meal together. Yummy food, casual chatting, sincere smiles, gentle breeze in late unforgettable dinner for everyone.
They were excited by the music performance of the owner of the hostel, also a musician, and began to follow the rhythms and sing to the music.
"An amazing experience! " said all of them, "We're so happy to have the real taste of the Sichuan cuisine and see the children enjoying the Italian food. By the way, the tea ritual is so interesting. We hope we could introduce the Chinese tea and tea culture to more Italians through our lens."

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