Fancy Chengdu Maps for Eating out and Recreations

Authors: Go Chengdu


These redesigned maps will show you around the city to places to eat out and have fun.
Reputed as a Land of Abundance, Chengdu has long been a hot tourist destination for its delicious food, fast economic and social development, as well as natural scenery and historical sites.
Have a look of the maps and you get the general idea about where to go.
In fact, each of those living in the city has his own "Chengdu Map".
The city can be international
or classic
or delicious
or very adorable
or recreational
or fashionable
The city has a lot to offer in four seasons: spring for flower appreciation, summer for cooling experience of rafting, mountain resorts and lush vegetation, autumn for viewing the colored leaves, and winter for snow sports in the high mountains… each season puts on displays of natural beauty and a pleasant experience.
What's the city in your eyes?
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