Chengdu Rises as World’s Second Fastest-growing Tourist Destination

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A new report shows that Chengdu is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations around the world.
Chengdu is the world's second fastest-growing destination for international visitors, according to the 2016 MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index.
The Index released on September 22 says that Chengdu will see a 20.14% increase in foreign arrivals this year.
Asia dominates the list of fastest growing destinations, as each of the top 10 cities lies in the continent. Four Chinese cities have made it to the top 10 fast-growing destination cities for 2016, and Chengdu is the only city in Southwest China.

Over the recent years, Chengdu has been seeing an ever-growing number of tourists from home and abroad, with its stunning natural beauty and tourist attractions of historical and cultural interest.
The fastest-growing destination cities in the 2016 MasterCard rankings of Global Destinations Cities Index are as follows (with increase rates indicated):

1. Osaka, Japan 24.15%

2. Chengdu, China 20.14%

3. Abu Dhabi, UAE 19.81%

4. Colombo, Sri Lanka 19.57%

5. Tokyo, Japan 18.48%

6. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 16.45%

7. Taipei, China 14.53%

8. Xi'an, China 14.20%

9. Tehran, Iran 12.98%

10. Xiamen, China 12.93%

About the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index
The MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index ranks cities in terms of the number of international overnight visitor arrivals and the cross-border spending by the same visitors in the destination cities, and gives visitor and passenger growth forecasts for the next year.
Driven by insights into travel patterns, the MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index provides the rankings of the 132 most visited cities around the world.

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