A City of Teahouses

Authors: Guo Jinsong


Sichuan is the homeland of teahouses and Chengdu is a city that boasts the largest number of teahouses in the world.
The Teahouse in Chengdu
Sichuan is the homeland of teahouses and Chengdu is a city that boasts the largest number of teahouses in the world, with over ten thousand of various kinds of teahouses at every corner of the city. The bamboo chairs, small wooden tables, jasmine tea and Gaiwan Tea are the representatives of local tea culture.
Cover and Bowl (Gaiwan Tea)
The common practice among local people to drink tea, by using a set of utensils consisting of a lid, a bowl and a small saucer to hold the bowl. The practice is believed to date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
People's Park: Heming Teahouse
Probably the most famous teahouse in the city. Located in People's Park at the heart of downtown Chengdu, the teahouse is always a crowded site with people coming from all sides to drink tea, have a carefree chat and kill time. Ear-picking and local snacks are at call.
Shawan Road: Shunxing Teahouse
Shunxing Teahouse has enjoyed a long-time reputation for its perfect blend of classical and modernized styles. It is also a recommended site to watch Sichuan Opera performances.
Teahouse at Wangjianglou Park
Wangjianglou Park is famous for its rich history and the natural beauty. A teahouse is tucked away in the bamboo forest, making itself an enchanting place for people to rest and entertain themselves with the fragrance from bamboo, the singing of birds and the fresh air.
Wide & Narrow Alleys: Old Chengdu Teahouses
Wide & Narrow Alleys is a hot tourist attraction and a showcase of the lifestyles in old Chengdu, which features the slowed-down pace and the age-old architecture with blue tiles and bricks, wooden gates and stone-paved streets.
Wenshu Monastery: Xiangyuan
One of the most famous teahouses in Chengdu, Xiangyuan sits at an enclosed courtyard in the shade of trees. A truly peaceful place for tea drinkers, who can also have the vegetarian buffet at the famous vegan restaurant nearby.
Jinjiang Theater: Yuelai Teahouse
Hidden at a niche on one of the busiest streets of the city, Yuelai Teahouse is next to Jinjiang Theater, which is a famous site for Sichuan Opera performance.
Cultural Park: Zhiji Teahouse
Tea tables are scattered around of a small pond in the park, and the quiet environs of the teahouse give people a delightful experience.
Shenxianshu Street: Lundao Zhuyeqing Teahouse (论道竹叶青)
A high-end teahouse with classic design and decorations in southern downtown and often quoted as the most beautiful teahouse in Chengdu. The green tea recommended at the teahouse is from the tea farms around Mount Emei and has the shape of a miniature bamboo leaf.
For an alternative, you can have an ear-picking. Call the ear-picking technician passing by to come up when you hear the twang-twang from his metal tweezers in his hand. Stay at your chair in a relaxed way while enjoying the process. The profession of ear-picking is said to have a long tradition that had its origin from the practitioners serving the royal families exclusively in the past.

Teahouse and leisurely life

An old Chengdu saying goes, “Sunny days are rare, but teahouses are abundant”. Teahouses have played diverse social roles in the history of Chengdu. Locals are passionate about going to tea houses — not only for tea, snacks, and entertainment, but also for social gatherings and business meetings

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