Chenghua Park

Authors: Li Yukai


Chenghua Park in eastern downtown Chengdu is the transformation of the former Chengdu Amusement Park and features a forest landscape.
An open area of free admission, the new park is an ideal place for people to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life because of its serenity, leisure and agreeable environment.
Enter from the Mengzhuiwan Gate of the park and you step on the main road lined with ginkgo leaves.
And you'll soon be greeted by more than 200 peach trees planted at the Taohuaxi Valley.
Next to Taohuaxi Valley you'll see the rockery and the cascades. The scenery highlights the natural Danxia landscape and waterside sights with abundant water plants, like reeds, calamus, water bamboos and lotus.
The sight of the disused roller coaster of the former amusement park reminds you of the change of the times.
Willow and ginkgo trees are planted on the side of the park on the Jinjiang River.
Address: No.22, Mengzhuiwan St., Chenghua District
Bus: No.7, No.14, No.28, No.42, No.45, No.49, No.61, No.75, No.159, No.180
Metro: Line.3; Hongxing Bridge Station
Admission: free

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