Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountains

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Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountains are located in Dayi County. Dayi County, with the Xiling Snow Mountains, the skiing resort, spring water resort and a large community of museums, the county in western Chengdu has good reasons to become a popular tourist destination.
The Xiling Snow Mountains are in Dayi County in western Chengdu and cover a large area of nearly 500, and part of the area is open to tourists who come to see the magnificent peaks and alpine scenes (the highest spot in Chengdu, 5, 364 meters above the sea level, is within the area).
The skiing resort of Xiling Snow Mountains is the most popular spot for winter sports in southern China and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Xiling Snow Mountain features snowy peaks, a sunrise over the clouds and sea, valleys, primitive thick forests, cascading waterfalls and natural caves — all coming together to form the image depicted in Chinese paintings.
Direct bus service from Chengdu to Dayi County or the Xiling Snow Mountains scenic area at the Xinnanmen Tourist Distribution Center and Chadianzi Bus Station in downtown Chengdu.
Admission: 120 yuan, 50% off discount for foreigners

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Sep 19, 2014

Dayi County

Dayi as a county-level administration site began in the Second Xianheng during Gaozong Reign of Tang Dynasty (671AD). The name of the county literally means Big Town, according to the classic book “Land of Peace and Prosperity”.

Jul 17, 2014

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