Chengdu Museum (New Building)

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Chengdu Museum stands an iconic construction in the city and a new tourist attraction for visitors to know about the city's history and culture.
To learn more about the city you're visiting, go to the museums there. So, don't let the Chengdu Museum pass by when you are in Chengdu.
Situated next to the Tianfu Square, Chengdu Museum contains 4,000 years of art—from ancient to the latest in contemporary works—under one roof. Its collection comprises more than 200,000 cultural relics including bronze ware, stone carvings, ceramics, shadow puppets and other kinds of cultural items.
The main building of the museum consists of two towers. The southern one is used for administration, while the north is mainly used for exhibition areas. There are six storeys in the north tower, one basement floor and five floors above. The basement and first floor are used as temporary exhibition halls. The history of Chengdu is shown on the second and the third floor and the Chengdu folk customs is staged on the fourth floor. The highest floor is used for demonstrations of Puppetry and Shadow Play.
PS:find more updated information of the displays at the meseum on the WeChat account of the museum "成都博物馆".
Add: 1 Xiaohe Street, Qingyang District(Located in the west of Tianfu Square)
9:00-20:30 (Summer time, from 1st to October 31)
9:00-20:00 (Winter time, from November 1 to April 30)
Admission: Free (but you need to take the ticket with your passport)
Note: No admission after 19:30. The museum is closed on Mondays except public holidays.
Recommended Visiting Time: over 3 hours
How to get there:
By bus: take bus No.13,30,43,47,64 or 78 to Xiyu Street Stop then walk to the site;
By Subway: take Metro Line 1 or Metro Line 2 to Tianfu Square Exit West 1
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