His Magic Show and Magic Tour

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Los Angeles magician Elton Keung made explorations of the city and made friends with locals with his magic shows.
Young and handsome, Elton Keung always attracted quite a number of followers wherever he went during his whirlwind tour August 20-28 to the city of Chengdu, not for his appearance, but for his magic performances.
Having been in the profession of magic tricks for over 12 years, Elton Keung is a VIP number of the Magic Castle in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, the US.
He made his appearance in the streets, restaurants, parks and tourist attractions, including the Wide & Narrow Alleys, the People’s Park and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and he certainly enjoyed his first visit to the city, where he found interesting things and more importantly, made many friends.
One of the reasons that Elton made this trip is, as he admitted, his love of the spicy Sichuan dishes, which the city of Chengdu is well known for. He satisfied his appetite for Sichuan cuisine at the restaurants where he had hearty meals of local dishes, snacks and hotpot and, much to his delight, he had cooking lessons from local chefs who taught him to make the famous dishes of Mapo Tofu and Fish-flavored Shredded Pork.
This trip also turned out to be a cultural exchange between the Western-style magician and Sichuan Opera performers, who has shown the magical face-changing techniques. "Incredible and amazing," said Elton, "Chengdu is a land of magic things. The food, the face-changing, the city development, and its people, so friendly. I've met some of the local magicians and they are so great. I wish someday I could have my own Magic Castle in Chengdu!"

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