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Italian businessman benefits from visa-free transit policy
Auguso Bordini, General Manager of an Italian architectural firm, who arrived at the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport by taking Flight KL891 from Amsterdam on September 16, 2013, became the first foreign national who took advantage of the 72-hour Visa-free transit policy to enter into Chengdu since the policy went into effect on September 1, 2013.
When the policy was brought into operation, Chengdu became the first inland city in China to adopt the visa-free scheme.
“My final destination is Seoul. I just want to make a transit in Chengdu. However, I heard the newly launched visa policy a few days ago, I adjusted my plan to accept an invitation of a Chengdu company for a business meeting, ”said Bordini.
It’s a very convenient and useful policy for business visitors who want to expand their business in Chengdu. 72 hours is enough to pay a visit to some prospective clients and make some business deals,”Bordini added.
So far the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport has opened 22 direct passenger flights to overseas destinations, including Tokyo, London, Abu Dhabi and so on.
Australians use 72-hour visa-free stay for family visit
Chinese Australians Wen Wei and his daughter became the second and third person to take advantage of Chengdu’s 72-hour Visa-free policy.
“I’m so happy to learn about the policy. It’s a good chance for me to visit my family members and friends in Chengdu,”said Wen, who took a direct flight from Melbourne, and stopped over in Chengdu on their way to Japan on September 17, 2013.
Official statistics show that the city received some 150 million tourists in 2013, an increase of 26 percent over 2012. Among the number, around 1.7 million came from abroad, an increase of 10 percent year on year. In 2013, Chengdu’s total revenue from tourism surpassed RMB133 billion ($21.7 billion).
Currently, Chengdu ranks third in tourist facilities, management and services among 60 Chinese cities, according to a customer satisfaction survey released in 2013.
Famed for its history, culture, climate and cuisine, Chengdu is recognized by the China National Tourism Administration as one of the nation's best destinations.
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