Contraband Goods Prohibited by Customs

Authors: Go Chengdu


Security Check
I. Provisions of Items Prohibited in Both Carry-on Baggage and Checked Baggage by CAAC
 1. Guns, mechanical appliances for military or police use (including main parts and components) and their imitations.
 2. Explosive objects such as ammunition, firework, blasting equipment and their imitations.
 3. Controlled knives.
 4. Flammable and explosive items, such as matches, lighters (gas), alcohol, paint, gasoline, kerosene, benzene, rosin oil, tobacco cake, etc.
 5. Corrosive substance, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid storage battery, etc.
 6.Toxic or harmful products, such as cyanide, toxic pesticides, etc.
 7. Radioactive substances, such as radioactive isotopes, etc.
 8. Other objects harmful to aviation safety, such as ferromagnetic objects which may disturb the aircraft instrumentation and objects with strong pungent odor.
 9. Items that is prohibited by national laws and other regulations.
II. Provisions of Liquid Items
1.Passengers on domestic flights are not allowed to carry on liquids, which can be carried in your checked luggage though, in accordance with relevant packaging provisions. Passengers may carry a small amount of cosmetics for personal use on the journey. Only one container of each category can be carried with the passengers and the volume should not exceed 100ml. The containers should be packed separately and go through open-bottle inspection.
2.The volume of each container of the liquid items carried by passengers on International & Regional Flights departing from domestic airports should not exceed 100ml. If the volume of the container exceeds 100 ml, no matter whether the container is full or not, it must be checked. Containers of liquid items should be packed in a transparent plastic bag that can be re-sealed. The volume of the bag should be no more than 1L. Each passenger can carry only one bag on one flight. Bags that exceed the limitations should be checked. For the transparent plastic bags with liquid items, security check should be taken separately.
3. Passengers transferring from international flights are allowed to carry duty-free liquid items with receipts that are packed in sealed transparent plastic bags to go through security checks.
4. Passengers with babies can apply for free liquid dairy product provided by airline companies when buying the tickets. Essential liquid medicines for diabetic patients or other patients can be kept by aircrew after security check.
III. Relevant Regulations on Lighters and Matches
It is prescribed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) that:
It is forbidden for passengers (including international flights/regional flights, domestic flights) to carry any lighter or match, either placed in the carry-on or in the check-in baggage.
Ⅳ. Regulations on Carrying Lithium Battery on Flights
It is prescribed by CAAC that:
Lithium battery can only be taken onto the plane as carry-on rather than checked baggage.
Passengers can carry electronic products that incorporate lithium/lithium ion battery cell or battery within 100WH, and such devices must be intended only for private use, calculator, mobile phone, laptop computer, portable video camera).
Approved by airlines, lithium battery (more than 100WH, but less than 160WH) must be protected from short circuit and can only be taken as carry-on baggage. Each passenger can carry two standby batteries at most.
Battery cell or electronic devices exceeding 160WH are prohibited in both Carry-on Baggage and Checked Baggage.
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