Pandas and Local Dialect Give Life to Love of the City

Authors: Go Chengdu


An 11-year-old girl, a Chengdu local and a primary school student, has found a way to express her love of the city in the series of paintings on the giant pandas with annotations in local dialect.
She has so far completed 72 paintings with the giant pandas as the main character ― all done during the past winter vacation ― and kept on her themed creation with more paintings in the make.
Yao Guoguo, from Chengdu Experimental Primary School in downtown Chengdu, has developed great interest in local dialect for its vivid and spicy expressions ― even the standard Chinese, Putonghua, or mandarin based on the pronunciation and usage of Beijing dialect, is a prerequisite in school teaching and official use ― and an idea to combine Chengdu dialect with the giant pandas, another icon of Chengdu, to show her love for the life and culture of city.
The paintings have made quite a lot of fans, including the schoolmates of Guoguo. "The panda is so adorable and the dialect is so interesting. You feel very happy to see such paintings," said Pang Ziyu, a classmate of Guoguo.
Guoguo's next goal is to make a series of paintings themed on Sichuan dishes.

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