A New Shake-up of Panda Paintings

Authors: Go Chengdu


Panda images have been implanted by illustrator A-Long in the world famous paintings, and now have a look of his new works.
A-Long's series of images of pandas transposed in painting masterpieces have gone viral online, and he recently published his new productions with the panda images in some other world famous paintings including Bulles de Savon (A teenager blowing soap bubbles), The Gleaners, The Death of Marat, Women with a Parasol ― Madame Monet and Her Son and so on.
Pandas in World Paintings
The Shepherds of Arcadia
Women with a Parasol ― Madame Monet and Her Son
Bulles de Savon (A teenager blowing soap bubbles)
The Grand Odalisque
Het melkmeisje (The Milkmaid)
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