World's Only Captive Brown Panda in Heat

Authors: Xinhua News


Spring is the breeding season for panda bears.
The world's only captive brown giant panda, Qi Zai, has displayed sexually receptive behaviors, according to the Qinling research center of giant panda breeding in northwest China's Shaanxi Province. During the panda's mating season, which usually falls between March and May, males often make scratches or territorial markings on trees, while females produce special sounds, among other signs showing that they enter estrus.

【Video】Welcome back to Chengdu Panda Base

Long time no see! Let’s have a look at the cute pandas we have missed so much.

Mar 26, 2020

Giant Panda Mao Tao Recovers from Surgery

Giant panda “Mao Tao” (male, born July.26, 2020) at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base) underwent a successful surgery on intestinal obstruction in duodenum.

Apr 09, 2020


As the World Book and Copyright Day 2020 is coming up, Sichuan Children's Publishing House released a panda themed picture book called PANDA HI on Apr. 16.

Apr 21, 2020

Names of First Twin Captive Pandas Born in 2020 Revealed

On Apr. 17, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Sichuan Province’s medical team sent to Hubei Province revealed the names of this year’s first twin pandas born in captivity in Mar.

Apr 21, 2020

China Unveils Top 100 Happiest Domestic Tourist Attractions

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding ranked third on the list.

Apr 26, 2020

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