Street Interview: What Else Does the Giant Panda Eat besides Bamboo?

Authors: Go Chengdu


For panda lovers, the fluffy black-and-white bear is so lovable that the pictures and funny videos of the animal can attract wide attention and make Internet sensations.
But don't be too sure that you've got enough about the giant panda. There are so many aspects that you may not know about it...such as what it really eats.
Seems that everybody knows that bamboo is the favorite food of the giant panda, but do you know what else does the animal eat?
Click and watch the video of an interview conducted at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,
and you will get wild and varied answers of people to the question.
Besides bamboo, the panda also occasionally eats different plants, such as weeds, fungi, kiwi fruit, which gives
the impression that it's a veggie.
The giant panda has become a specialist in bamboo consumption due to climate and environment changes over the long years, but genetically it is carnivorous.
Some pandas in the wild are found straying into farmyards to attack and eat livestocks.
In short, after a long period of evolution, the giant panda has now adapted to a great variety of food.
For captive giant pandas, all of their food is supplied by people, though they may occasionally eat grass and tree leaves in the outdoor enclosures.
The typical food offered by their keepers include panda cakes, apples and honey, to ensure that they have adequate and balanced nutrients.
Panda cakes are made of supplemental ingredients, including corn, soybean, rice, wheat, oat, as well as mineral and vitamin nutrients like calcium carbonate and calcium hydrogen phosphate.
A newborn panda, either in the wild or in captivity, must have its mother's milk.
But when the mother doesn't have enough milk for the baby, keepers will nurse the cub by hand.

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