Giant Panda Mao Tao Recovers from Surgery

Authors: Go Chengdu


Giant panda “Mao Tao” (male, born July.26, 2020) at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base) underwent a successful surgery on intestinal obstruction in duodenum.
"Since there were no reports of intestinal obstruction in duodenum in giant pandas before the case, we have no clinical experience to learn from," said a veterinarian of the Panda Base.
On Feb.10 Mao Tao received a surgery conducted by veterinarians of the Panda Base and surgical experts from a hospital in Chengdu. Mao Tao fell into a coma due to severe metabolic alkalosis although the surgery was successful, and the team of experts carried out a 36-hour continuous treatment on the sick panda till it came round.
The success of the surgery will provide a supplement to theoretical system of treating giant pandas.

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