Exhibition of Fighting COVID-19 Launched at Panda Base

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“Our Appointment—Giant Panda Themed Art Exhibition of Fighting COVID-19” by Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the Panda Base) was launched online and offline on May 18.
Global Attention
"People are very interested in participating in the event and we have received more than 10 works just the day after the announcement of collection," said an organizer from the Panda Base, "We received over 220 works from 13 countries and regions including China, Canada, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam during the one-month period, in the forms of embroidery, oil painting, photo, cartoon and so on."
Zhang from Vietnam is the first overseas contributor to the event. She sent a hand-written letter in Chinese with her work "Keep Clean", which says "l was worried about the giant pandas after the outbreak of pandemic, and asked my Chinese friends for more information. I felt more pacified when l knew they were fine in China."
Amanda from Indonesia sent a work called "Happiness", which depicts a family of pandas eating bamboos together.
Jennifer Willcok from the UK named her work as "Solitude", hoping to indicate that social distancing makes her feel lonely.
Ma Huan, a nurse of the medical team from Sichuan Province to help the fighting of COVID-19 in Hubei Province, the hardest hit area in China during the pandemic, drew a sleeping panda lying on a wood rack. She explained that she just wanted to relax to get herself out of the high tension from the memory during the fighting. "Pandas always have good sleep, which makes me a little jealous," she said.
The organizer said that both the online and offline exhibitions were launched simultaneously, and the offline part covers almost all parts of Chengdu.
Major offline exhibition is in Panda International Art Center in the Panda Base, while the online part is on the mini-program of Panda International Art Center of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (input "成都熊猫基地熊猫国际艺术中心") on WeChat.
A glimpse of the offline exhibition:

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