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Authors: Jay Liu


To provide a platform for panda fans in the world to show their love for the giant panda, cooperated with Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding (Panda Base) to launch the program "Wanted: Your Panda Videos" to solicit short-time video footages recording the life of giant pandas by panda fans from the world.
Since the initiation of the project on August 16, the organizers have received many videos and stories from panda fans and here are some posts selected from the received videos:
1. Author: Simon. My story with panda is full of luck and surprise. I was lucky to join the science volunteer team of Chengdu Panda Base this spring to explain knowledge about pandas for tourists to the Panda Base, improving my ability as well as spreading knowledge of pandas. The two videos were taken during the break of my volunteer job. I found that pandas are really too cute to be enough for watching. Like Jane Goodall said, "Only if we understand we care." I feel the sound made by pandas when eating bamboo is very wonderful.
2. Author: leaf. I only saw panda cubs of Chengdu Panda Base on TV. And it took us two hours this summer with my parents to see the cute cubs, which are so adorable and popular among visitors.
3. Author: are. It was my first time to see pandas. And I was so lucky because when I was to take videos of the panda, it just came off from the tree! And other visitors told me that the panda didn't move there for long before my filming. So happy!
4. Author: Everyday. It was my first time to see pandas at the Panda Base. Never expected they would be so lovely and I finally understood why they have so many die-hard fans. I stayed there and watched them playing and fighting for long because they were just so cute!
Wanna share your stories with us after reading the above stories and watching the videos? Come to upload your short video of the giant panda and share your story with the cute animals, and you will have a chance to get free tickets to the Chengdu Panda Base! Hurry up and the video solicitation will close on August 25.
How to sign up:
1. Follow "GoChengdu够成都" on WeChat and send your short videos of giant pandas (filmed anywhere around the globe and the length of each video must not exceed 1 minute), indicating the location of the videos, the story with giant pandas and your mobile phone number. will pick among the senders 10 lucky fans, each of whom will get 2 free tickets to Panda Base;
2. Post the videos on Instagram, tagging them with #Panda_Me and @Chengdu_China and sharing the stories with the giant pandas. Five lucky fans will be picked among those who have posted the videos, each of whom will get 2 free tickets to the Panda Base.
Duration of solicitation: Aug.16, 2019-August. 25, 2019
If you are a panda lover, don't hesitate to share your videos and stories with us!
(The right to use the participating videos is reserved to and the Panda Base)

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