Chengdu Panda Base Reopens

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The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the “Panda Base”) reopens to the public on March 25.
The Panda Base will adopt measures to limit visitor traffic from the day of its reopening to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic period. The policies for prevention include:
1. Reopening and operating hours
The Panda Base will open daily from 8:30 to 17:00 (ticket booking service and entry will end at 16:00).
2. Opening areas
(1) Chengdu Panda Base: all visiting areas will be open to the public except for the Giant Panda Cinema.
(2) Dujiangyan Panda Valley: fully opened.
3. Ticket booking
During the pandemic prevention and control period, name verification is required for ticket purchase and the "one person, one valid ID, one ticket" policy will be strictly implemented. Each visitor with valid ID (second-generation ID card, household register, passport, etc.) can only purchase one ticket per day.
(1) Chengdu Base
① Electronic ticketing
Online ticket purchasing is recommended. Visitors can book name verified tickets according to operating processes and prompts on the ticket purchase page through major Online Ticketing Agency platforms, like Ctrip and Meituan or the mini program called Chengdu Panda Base Electronic Ticket on WeChat and Alipay. Visitors must fill in their full name and ID number when booking a ticket. Each mobile phone can only make one purchase at a time.
② On-site ticket purchasing
On-site ticket purchasing via QR code
To reduce personal contact, visitors purchasing tickets on site are advised to scan the QR code for name verification of the ticket purchase. The QR code is provided at the entrance of the Panda Base.
Physical ticket
Visitors who choose offline on-site ticketing shall go to the ticket window and purchase physical tickets with valid ID.
(2) Dujiangyan Panda Valley
Visitors shall go to the Panda Valley ticket window and purchase physical tickets with valid ID.
4. Admissions and related regulations
Visitors shall show their own valid medical certificates and cooperate with the staff on non-contact body temperature check. Those who show abnormal body temperatures (exceeding 37.3℃) are not allowed to enter the Base.
(1) Visitors who purchased electronic tickets may enter the Base with their ID cards, which are regarded as tickets (Mobile phone QR codes will not be sent to visitors who purchased electronic tickets during the pandemic prevention and control period).
(2) Visitors who purchased physical tickets may enter the Base with their valid ID (second-generation ID card, household register, passport, etc.).
(3) Visitors who qualify for any free admission policies shall show their valid ID and free admission certificate and enter the Base.
5. Visitor traffic limitation measures
(1) Chengdu Base: The maximum number of daily visitors is limited to 5,000 (4,000 online ticket purchasers and 1,000 offline ticket purchasers and ticket-free visitors).
(2) Dujiangyan Panda Valley: The maximum number of daily visitors is limited to 800 (650 ticket-holding visitors and 150 ticket-free visitors).
6. Admission management
Visitors shall pay attention to personal safety and protect their health. Throughout the entire process of ticket purchasing, ticket checking, and touring, you and your companions (relatives or friends) shall keep a distance of at least 1.5m from others. If any physical discomfort occurs to you during the tour, please immediately go to our infirmary for consultation and describe your conditions.
7. Notes
(1) The Panda Base has shut down all self-service ticket vending machines (ticket selling or pick-up service is not available) and interpretation services will not be provided during the pandemic prevention and control period.
(2) Visitors who purchased tickets online and do not use their tickets can apply for a refund via ticket booking platform. Visitors who purchased tickets via other platforms may be refunded in accordance with the relevant guidelines of each platform.
(3) The measures will be updated based on the actual situation of pandemic prevention and control. To prevent any of these measures from affecting your trip, please follow us on Weibo, WeChat, or the Panda Base official website to determine the best time for you to come.
Travel Service Consultation Hotline:
028-83510033, 028-83516748 (Chengdu Base)
028-87296600 (Dujiangyan Panda Valley)
Travel Complaint Hotline: 028-83507814
Electronic Ticket Service Hotline: 028-85170022
Infirmary Tel.: 18080171553 (Chengdu Base)
028-87153156 (Dujiangyan Panda Valley)
Official Website:
Official Weibo: @Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda

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