Chengdu Solicits Colored Sketches of Panda Worldwide

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu began its global giant panda painting tour in Germany and Switzerland on August 6.
During the event, a group of children and teenagers from the city, aged from 5 to 15, invited people from around the world to submit color sketches of a giant panda named Panda 51, the logo of the city of Chengdu. In July at the launch ceremony of the program, Ye Yushan, a 79-year-old Chinese sculptor, presented his sketch of the panda that can be used by people worldwide as the base for making colored drawings.
As an important activity of the 2014 Chengdu Creativity & Design Week, the global panda painting program is aimed to promote Chengdu’s development in the cultural and creative industry, enhance the city’s international image, and make the giant panda become a world famous city symbol.
Panda 51 is now 8 years old and living in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
"Panda 51 was so named because of his weight at birth. He was the lightest panda in the world. Its weight is only one third of a normal newborn panda," said a researcher from the Base.
Thanks to the intensive care of researchers at the Base, Panda 51 survived and is now a healthy adult.
Photos provided by the organizing committee of Chengdu Creativity and Design Week

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