Chengdu Emerging to be Hub Linking Western China and Other Parts of the Globe

Authors: Go Chengdu


The 22nd World Routes was held in Chengdu on September 24th - 27th, with the attendance of hundreds of airlines, airports, government agencies and global organizations from all over the world, making Chengdu the second Chinese city to host the event after Beijing.
Dialogue with Mr. Eugeniy Ilyin, Chief Commercial Officer of Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport:
gochengdu: Hello, Mr. Ilyin. Do you have any plan to open a direct air link between Chengdu and Saint Petersburg?
Mr. Ilyin: So far, we have had only four destinations in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou and Urumqi. Chengdu is an important city in western China and we are considering to open direct flight to the city.
gochengdu: When do you expect to launch the service?
Mr. Ilyin: We are consulting with relevant airlines. I personally hope it can be open next summer. Of course, this is just my personal expectation since everything is undecided. I hope we can see the launch before the end of 2017.
gochengdu: Is this your first time to be in Chengdu? What do you think of the city?
Mr. Ilyin: Yes. Although it has not been that long, I feel good here. I have been to many other Chinese cities, so I can make a comparison of them. Chengdu is well-planned with beautiful modern and old buildings. What surprised me is far more than these. It's quite rare to see such a modern city with lush vegetation in the world. No wonder so many tourists flock to the city from all corners of the world.
And I will stay here for three more days, and I hope to tour around the city and learn more about it.
gochengdu: How many flights per week do you expect if the flight opens?
Mr. Ilyin: We can offer chartered flights, but it's better for us to provide regular flights. According to the current situation, there should be at least three flights every week. Saint Petersburg is a famous tourist city in Russia, appealing to a great number of travelers from all over the world. And those from China are growing fastest among all the visitors, almost doubling annually. With abundant tourist resources as Saint Petersburg, Chengdu attracts many travelers from across the globe thanks to its moderate climate and marvelous natural scenery. The launch of the air link can offer more convenient modes of transportation to people of Chengdu and Saint Petersburg, and promote both parties' growth in many industries including the travel sector.
gochengdu: As far as I know, Chengdu and Volgograd are sister cities. And Kazan and Sochi have established a tie of friendly cooperation with Chengdu. What's your expectation of the relationship between Chengdu and Saint Petersburg in the future?
Mr. Ilyin: The Sino-Russia relationship is in the best historical period. The bilateral cooperation in many aspects is strengthened consistently. The friendship between the two countries enjoys a long history and will last forever. I sincerely hope to see deeper and broader cooperation between Chengdu and Saint Petersburg in the future.
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