Chinese, Foreign Experts Offer Advice on City’s Cybersecurity

Authors: Go Chengdu


At the 2018 China Cybersecurity Week Forum on Cybersecurity Technologies and its sub-forums held September 17-18 here in Chengdu, experts on cybersecurity from both home and abroad probed deeply into the technologies, industrial standards and personnel training in relation to cybersecurity. Some of them gave Chengdu suggestions on how to boost cybersecurity and enhance relevant education and personnel training.
Mr. Irakli Beridze, head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
Irakli Beridze
"In the digital era, with more and more people posting their personal information on the Internet, cybersecurity becomes more crucial than ever to people's daily lives. Therefore, it is quite necessary to hold such cybersecurity events and activities."
Mr. Beridze expressed that, through the event, he had a better understanding of China and Chengdu's leading role in promoting cybersecurity and their great efforts and investment in the field.
Mr. Shen Changxiang, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Shen Changxiang
"Chengdu is one of the major cities in China for the work on cybersecurity and informatization. The city's government has adopted a series of policies to advance the work."
In Mr. Shen's opinion, Chengdu does well in the work on cybersecurity, with not only lots of related companies and universities, but also a government that attaches great importance to the field. To boost cybersecurity, he hopes that Chengdu could make strides in the industrial development, talent training as well as policy making.
Mr. Oleg Abdurashitov, head of public affairs in Asia Pacific with Kaspersky Lab
Oleg Abdurashitov
"I know there are universities in Chengdu that offer majors and programs involving cybersecurity. They can cooperate more actively with Chinese and foreign companies to help students master more practical techniques and skills."
Chengdu could attach more value to the cultivation of cybersecurity talents, according to Mr. Abdurashitov who welcomes Chengdu students to participate in the projects offered by his company.
Mr. Wei Qing, chief technology officer with Microsoft China
"I think Chengdu is a vibrant city with abundant talent resources in the fields of mathematics and electronic engineering. The city can give full play to its advantages."
In his point of view, cybersecurity is based on communication technology, and powerful communication technologies can improve cybersecurity in a better way.

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