Chengdu Tops Happiest Cities in China for 12 Consecutive Years

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If you are seeking happiness in China, Chengdu is the place to go as the capital of Sichuan Province tops all Chinese cities as the “Happiest Cities in China” for 12 consecutive years.
What does it mean for Chengdu to be the "Happiest City in China"?
It means a priceless urban trademark. When people think of "Chengdu", what will come to their minds? It could be the giant panda, hotpot, or mountain scenery… Actually, the people's lifestyle embodies the poetic spirit of the city.
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It showcases an enviable lifestyle.
Jincheng Park, for instance, is an excellent site for kayaking and bird photography by day and jogging by night. Jiangtan Park comes to life as a smart sports park with energy parkour, e-sports football, light-sensing rock climbing, and bike racing. Bailuwan Ecological Wetland Park, meanwhile, is home to hills surrounded by soaring egrets and flowers visited by flitting dragonflies, which is a perfect spot for both hiking and bicycling.
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That's Chengdu, a city that never fails to delight. Once you come, you'll never forget your full and authentic Chengdu experience.

Enjoy a Happy Holiday in Chengdu

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Oct 01, 2019

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