City Renovating, Upgrading Mengzhuiwan Natatorium for 2021 Summer World University Games

Authors: Go Chengdu


As one of the training venues for the 31st Summer World University Games, the Mengzhuiwan Swimming Pool will welcome water sports athletes from around the world.
On February 14, Chengdu resumed the renovation and upgrading of the Mengzhuiwan Swimming Pool, to increase its annual capacity to over 100,000 visitors. Located on the bank of the Jinjiang River in the downtown, the natatorium, along with the surrounding attractions including the 339-meter Sichuan TV Tower and modern shopping malls, is expected to become one of the most popular areas for leisure and amusement in the city center in the future.
Chengdu Swimming Pool
The 31st Summer World University Games will take place in August next year in Chengdu. As one of the training venues for the grand international sports event, the natatorium will welcome water sports athletes from around the world. To give them a good training experience and offer more conveniences to local citizens in physical workout, the city has invested heavily to renovate and upgrade the pool.
Being the largest and most popular swimming and fitness center in the downtown, the pool will see an area of renovation and extension of about 11,100 square meters, accounting for about one fifth of its total space. The roof and walls of the original indoor natatorium will be dismantled and changed into an outdoor pool, the previous outdoor diving pool and open-air swimming pool into an indoor water polo arena and an indoor swimming pool respectively, and more modern and comfortable changing and shower facilities, as well as floor heating systems will be equipped around the pools.
Chengdu Swimming Pool
After the completion of the project, the venue can host a large variety of water sports competitions in the city, like swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming, serve as a training place for the sports activities and cater to local people's increasing needs for water fitness.

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