Creative culture sector in Chengdu soars with new vigour

Authors: China Daily


Chengdu has announced it will invest 12 billion yuan (£1.36 billion) in building the China Science Fiction Town in the Tianfu International Airport New Town, a hi-tech development zone in the city's southeast.
The project was unveiled at the 2017 China Science Fiction Conference in Chengdu in November 2017. The Sichuan Science and Technology Association will carry out the project and help investors to launch their businesses in the new town.
The initial layout of the science fiction town has been decided according to an agreement between the Sichuan Science and Technology Association and Tianfu International Airport New Town, which involves building the Sichuan Museum of Nature and the China Science Fiction Culture Museum.
More industrial incubators for science fiction-related companies, science fiction film production bases and themed parks are in the pipeline.
Through a group of cultural projects, Chengdu aims to commercialize the local cultural resources and to develop the icons and brands of Tianfu culture.
In December, 2017, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone signed an agreement with Internet company Tencent, which announced it will invest more in Chengdu to support its intelligent industries, creative culture and online games.
Since Tencent opened its first branch in the hi-tech zone, it has invested more than 2 billion yuan in its Chengdu base, making it the company's largest business unit after its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.
The highly popular mobile game King of Glory was developed by Tencent in Chengdu. In the two years since its launch, it has attracted more than 200 million users, playing a vital role in Tencent's total online games revenue, which totaled $7.4 billion (£5.5 billion) in the first half of last year.
Tencent's new agreement with Chengdu aims at harnessing more business opportunities by hosting online games competitions, and building an online games center and a Tencent music base. The company plans to gather the resources of its social media, finance, entertainment, culture and information divisions to develop an industrial cluster in the hi-tech zone.
In November, 2017, Europe's leading private education group Galileo Global Education announced it will set up a Sino-French creative design and innovation platform in the city.
"Chengdu is the best choice among so many cities in western China," said Didier Bouvet, vice-president of Galileo Global Education.
(source:, January 23, 2018)

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