Chengdu seeks to relive cultural glory

Authors: China Daily


Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province that boasts a 2,300-year history - is going the extra mile with an eye on turning itself into western China's culture and creative hub, and a port of call for travelers on the global stage, using Hong Kong's "super-connector" role.
Both cities, known for their rich culture and tourism traditions, share a highly similar "cultural core", said Fan Ruiping, a leader of the province.
This spells potentially huge opportunities for the two regions, he told a forum entitled "Chengdu to Build the National Center of Culture and Creativity" in Hong Kong on August 22.
The event is an integral part of the "Sichuan-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation Week" being attended by a top-level delegation from Sichuan led by Governor Yin Li who's in the SAR to boost international economic and trade relations under the nation-led Belt and Road Initiative.
Up to 14 deals were inked between Hong Kong and Chengdu enterprises during the event.
It also saw Chengdu take its place at the World Cities Culture Forum as its 34th member, making it the third city on the Chinese mainland after Shanghai and Shenzhen to join the elite club.
"History tells us it's cultural force and creativity that determine the altitude a city could reach. Creativity and innovation are naturally inherent in Chengdu's 'cultural gene'," Fan said.
As of 2016, more than 15,000 Chengdu-based legal entities had been engaged in cultural and creative industry-related establishments, generating revenues of more than 260 billion yuan ($39 billion), and industry-wide added values of 63.4 billion yuan and contributing 5.2 percent of the city's gross domestic product.
Chengdu, which will host the 22nd General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization in September 2017, aims to raise the added value of its cultural and creative industry to more than 260 billion yuan, and its proportion of the city's gross domestic product to above 12 percent over the next five years.
Hong Kong, hailed as a melting pot where the old meets new and East meets West, has long earned a name for itself in such diverse areas as film and television, museums, creative design, performance and entertainment, literature and artwork, as well as anime and games.
Chan Pak-li, the SAR's under-secretary for commerce and economic development, said the city's cultural and creative industry has emerged as its fifth key economic sector after the four traditional economic pillars in terms of value added.
He said Hong Kong is more than willing to help Chengdu take a leaf from its book and bolster its vision of becoming a magnet for cultural and creativity-related establishments, as well as a meeting point for art-conscious talents from around the world.
(source:, August 25,2017)

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