Chengdu Puts Itself on the Tourist Map

Authors: China Daily, Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post


The New York Times selected Chengdu for its list of the world’s 52 must-see places this year.
Last month, I welcomed mayors from the Silicon Valley region of the US and many distinguished guests from around the world. They and other people said they not only love me, but also like the attractive business environment in my hometown Chengdu, a place filled with historic culture, famous for its spicy food and leisurely lifestyle, and rich in business opportunities. Come visit me and make money here!
—Rong Rong
The New York Times selected Chengdu for its list of the world’s 52 must-see places this year.
The city’s inclusion was no doubt largely thanks a popular travel piece by writer and editor Justin Bergman that was published in the paper in October 2013.
“Beijing may be the political center of China, as well as a cultural and culinary hub,” he wrote, “but the most dynamic Chinese city at the moment is more than 1,000 miles south, in the mountains of Sichuan province.
“Chengdu has one of the fastest-growing economies in China, roughly two-thirds of the world’s iPads are reportedly made here, and there are high-rises as far as the eye can see. But the way of life is much more laid-back than in other large Chinese cities.”
Bergman is not the only person who has been captivated by Chengdu’s charm.
The MasterCard 2015 Global Destination Cities Index, released in early July, also placed the city in its top-10 list of must-see Chinese cities. According to the study, between 2009 and 2015, the annual number of overseas visitors to the city was expected to raise from 480,000 to 1.49 million, making it the second-fastest growing tourist destination in the world, behind only Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital.
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